Body Awareness: How significant it is

Do you notice any voices of your body such as stiff shoulders , back pain, headaches, cold , stomach pain?
Are you aware of these signs especially on your busy days?

“Importance of awareness”
To live life with healthy mind and body every day
Let’s pay more attention to body wellness.

Taking a treatment is “important time” to hear the voice of your body

Please make your own time , feel your heart and body and thank the body for doing its best. 


Clair Jiyugaoka


Massage Menu



〜Treatment Fees

 120min   ¥15,000

Facial treatment +¥500(It will be treatment within reserved hours) /  Extention 20min ¥2,000






You can customize freely you want to received treatment.


Always we provide best plan for your good condition.
At Our salon , we making your feel great and helping to solve your problems by using many techniques.

◆Swedish massage
◆Deep tissue massage
◆Facial treatment
◆Hot stone massage
◆Dry massage(Japanese style)
◆Eyes & Head therapy

< Plan sample >
* Relax healing
This treatment aimes to release stress and heal your body.
We use aroma oil , hot stones and tuning to guide you towards deep relax.

Full Body oil treatment and head therapy by hot stones and hands.




* Detox & Recovery
Aproch your body by deep tissue massage, swedish massage, Japanese massage,Cupping,and strech….etc
This range of technique is worked on deep tissue of the muscul , legarments and tendons.
It release chonic paines and a gread way to improve posture issues.


Full Body oil treatment and head therapy by hands.




*Unti Aging
For people who resore youth.
Rose oil work on your body and face to adjust your hormone barance.


Hip stretch and oil body treatment(Posterior) , face and head treatment by hands.




◆Facial treatment +¥500(It will be treatment within reserved hours)


Extention 20min ¥2,000


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